deepmere by Philip Day

Is it beautiful?

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I've spent about 30 years lighting the stage, so most of my life's work has been ephemeral and (hopefully) largely unnoticed.  Who knows, it may remain that way.

Deepmere is an attempt to collect the skills gathered into a form that can be seen and contemplated for a little longer. The same rule I've always set myself still applies though - Is it beautiful?

These are photographs, though I prefer to say images, and they include shadows and imperfections (mine certainly).

They are each taken with one shot on a small digital camera, in a very small area (typically the size of a playing card), and they are mostly without specific time or space, and often concerned with symbols - although I am developing other aspects of this style, particularly outdoors.

Altering colours is the habit of a lifetime. 

Is it beautiful?